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So…it seems that there is a television shoot in my neighborhood (Hamilton Park). This wouldn’t have been odd in the least, when I lived in Park Slope, but I live in Jersey City now. After some digging, I discovered that it’s a TV pilot called Mercy, about a nurse returning from Iraq and trying to acclimate to life in the States again. I’m not sure who is in it, but I will tell you that Haddad’s movie trailers are taking up all of 10th Street from Monmouth to Brunswick. The parking is atrocious on 10th Street for a few blocks from here until Erie. They have closed the area to parking for the duration of the shoot.

Jersey City Independent reported that “the production company has made arrangements to secure the private parking lot on Erie and 10th.” Click here for full post. However, this information supposedly came from a letter that the production company sent out to residents, but I am a resident and I received no such letter…so…what’s up with that? Anyway, apparantly the number you can call for parking information is (973)925-8157, but according to comments on the JCI webpage, the people answering the phones aren’t much help.


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