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Isabella's De Cuba

Isabella's De Cuba

Moving from Park Slope, Brooklyn to Jersey City has been a major adjustment. Finding good food has proven to be tricky. Park Slope definitely spoiled us, in that we could walk down the block and have 5 – 10 restaurants of good quality at our disposal. I’m not saying that Jersey City doesn’t have good food, there’s just less restaurants. In our constant quest to befriend our new neighborhood and find some good eats, we discovered Isabella’s De Cuba. (Downtown Jersey City, Hamilton Park neighborhood.) It’s not a bad walk from our apartment and the food is great. The first test was delivery. We ordered and got our food fairly quickly. I have to say that the Pollo Asado was excellent and best of all only $8 and came with 2 sides! They run daily specials throughout the week ranging from $8 – $10.

We noticed that they served breakfast all day, so we walked over one cold morning in search of some good coffee and food. We weren’t disappointed. The Cafe Con Leche is only $1.75 a cup and delicious. I opted for the Isabella’s French Toast, which is croissants dipped in cinnamon egg batter and powerdered sugar. The hubby got one of their 3 egg omelets with chorizo, onions and cheese. We were blown away that yummy breakfasts were so close to our door and so inexpensive! The only drawback was the service. We have been on 2 different weekend mornings, both times only one girl was working in the front. She had some issues with prioritizing. People would come in and tables were still dirty and she’d say “just a minute”, but then the phone would ring and she would take the delivery order while the people were standing there. (This happened to us both times we went.) Service was slow, too. I think she forgot to put our order in the second time we went because it was just way too long. Be that as it may, if you go in there with a relaxed attitude and have some time to spare, it’s a good experience. The staff is really nice and the place is very cute inside. The orange colored walls and full store-front windows in front make it feel cozy and warm. People watching while sipping your hot Cafe Con Leche is a perfect combination for a  lazy Sunday morning.

–Isabella’s De Cuba – 227 7th Street at Erie (201) 222-2562 – Free Delivery w/ minimum order of $15.


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