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It’s Been Too Long…

Ok, so I know I’ve neglected my small fan base, but I’ve had a lot going on. I’ll give you a quick run through of everything that’s been going on since last I wrote.

First, the hubby and I finally made the jump (after all the mortgage shit worked out) and moved to Jersey City! It’s been a lot to get used to, but we own our place! The commute is a bit strange, still getting used to that. I’ve used my bike more than ever before! It’s quiet here and very chill. I like it, but I still miss Brooklyn. Sigh. I use any excuse to go there 😉 I’ve recently been letting the hubby take mass transit in the morning and coming to pick him up in the evening. Of course, getting dinner and drinks…as long as I’m there I may as well, right? Which leads me to explain my sudden wealth of free time.

Next, I recently was laid off. BLECH!! Yes, the recession came out and bit me full in the ass. So, I’ve been baking and cooking a lot and now I’m hoping to get to write more and search for another job, of course. I’m looking into freelance work and full-time, we’ll see what happens. Don’t worry about me though, I’m hanging in there and the hubby is LOVING all the muffins, cookies, pies, cakes, etc. I’m going to have to start giving them away though. There’s only so many baked goods you can eat before your ass starts to scream to the whole world that you’ve been eating way too many buttery crusts.

Well, for now I will leave you with this info and I’ll be back, hopefully with much more regularity.

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Hot summer days add up to one thing…ice cream! Lately, I’ve been craving the old school ice cream parlor feel. So many of the places around Park Slope try to be fancy and gourmet, all I want is some good old fashioned ice cream with hot fudge and peanut butter sauce.

Uncle Louie G’s has been a Slope favorite since 1998, when they opened their first store on Union Street, right off of 5th Ave. The hubby and I went their to cure an incredible ice cream craving and truth be told, we were disappointed. They have gone downhill. They didn’t have soft ice cream, the toppings were limited, the staff was rude and to top it all off, the ice cream wasn’t that good. Too sugary, like Baskin Robbins. Blech.

Next stop was The Old Brooklyn Parlor [564 Vanderbilt Ave.]. The ice cream was good, but not a lot of flavor choices and not many toppings. Where does one go around here for good old fashioned sundaes?

There is always Tempo Presto, on 5th Ave. between Carroll and Garfield. They serve up homemade gelato and it is pretty good, but not ice cream.

Last night, we happened to stop by Sweet Melissa on Court Street and behold, an old fashioned ice cream parlor, right in the front of her shop! They call it The Cremerie and it was heavenly. There were many intriguing ice cream flavors and oodles of toppings. I even saw big waffle cones! The place was packed. There was a line clear out the door for this creamy goodness. Kudos Melissa, on bringing back the old ice cream parlor, now if you could just bring it to the Park Slope store 🙂

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So, I just got back from the new Sex and the City movie. I finally convinced my new hubby to go with me. It was great to see the gals again, but I have to say…what’s with all the drama? Yes, there were plenty of laughs, (Charlotte’s reaction to drinking a tiny bit of Mexican water was the biggest) but there was a lot of intense emotional baggage, definitely more than could fit in one of Carrie’s tiny Prada bags. The movie ran over 2 hours and 15 minutes, which felt quite long, being that I’m used to getting them in small 30 minute doses. Maybe it’s because I recently got married, but I felt a lot of negative marriage vibes in this film. Even after people patched things up, it was still heavy.

We all waited for the moment that never came. After Cynthia Nixon’s spill to Bill Eichner during the Creative Nation comedy show, the bloggers went wild. Does Charlotte get killed in a “freak tennis accident”??? Obviously Nixon was just fueling the hype further for a movie that millions had been waiting for anyway. Not sure what she was thinking there…

All of the ladies are looking much older these days. Makes me wonder if their former makeup stylist Kabuki wasn’t taken aboard for their silver screen romp. Although, it was nice to see them admitting how old Sam really is and trading her sex addiction for a brand new “gut” was pretty hilarious and satisfying.

So, what were they trying to say in this epic drama? Marriage is sad and depressing? Relationships get boring? Don’t get me wrong, seeing the gals again after 4 long years was great, but I couldn’t help but wonder…what was the moral of this story? More on this when I’ve gotten some sleep…

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After an enjoyable evening at Buttermilk in Brooklyn with friends (and about 5 cocktails), D decided he was mad hungry and needed to eat IMMEDIATELY. We drove over to our usual 24 hour diner spot (Purity Diner on 7th Ave.), but too our shock and sadness — it had closed down 😦 !! We drove around a bit looking for another 24/7 establishment and as we drove, my stomach began to growl, as well.

D suggested that we drive over to 3rd Ave. and Atlantic Ave. to a diner that he used to go to that he said was called “Brooklyn Diner.” We arrived (even found a parking spot right out front!) and I had to pee really badly. Upon entering, I thought it looked pretty grotesque. I searched out the restrooms, which were downstairs and left D at our table (complete w/ a computer?!?). It smelled funky downstairs and when I found the Ladies room, the door didn’t lock at all. I went in…it was bad. No toilet paper, no paper towels and my feet stuck to the floor. Peeling my feet off of the NASTY floor, I was tempted to run back out and just go home, but my need to pee was INTENSE. However, there was no toilet paper or anything else that I would want to wipe myself with. Luckily, I had a maxi pad in my pocket. Desperate times and all that, I squatted and held my clothing VERY near. As I was hovering, I took a look around. It was D I R T Y. The smell was so bad that my appetite disappeared before I even realized it had gone. Hand washing was scary…and then I high-tailed it outta there. I flung open the door using my jacket sleeve and almost ran face first into an Asian mad wearing an 80’s type blazer and jeans. He was carrying a very large bucket to the men’s room. I booked upstairs.

When I got back, bladder no longer pulsating, I took a look around. The floors had old smooshed food and wrappers peppering them. I sat down and D could immediately tell I was creeped out. I suggested that we just leave before the waitress even came up, but he NEEDED to eat. Suddenly, a man with a ratty Green Bay Packers jacket on ran over. With the very large humpty dumpty manager close behind him, he started ranting about how he had tons of drugs in his pocket and that NO ONE called the police on him! The tubby manager calmed him down and asked him to come back to the front. They continued their dispute until we left. It was like an episode of COPS in the background. I wanted to bolt. Just as my flight instinct kicked in, the waitress arrived. I looked down at the menu and it said “City Lights Diner.” OMG, this is the place that D had told me about for years — how he’d come there years before and it was the nastiest place he had ever been! What?!?!?!? Why would he make me come here?!?!?!? My eyes were wildly searching every inch of floor and seat around me. Did that just move?!?!?! I heard D give an order, so I made one up, too. I was trying to convince myself that I could eat. I was hungry afterall.

When the food came I took a look at my fork. It had old crust between the tines that looked older than me. Hell no. I put it down and gagged at the food before me. D, of course, was wolfing his down like it was the last supper. The seats had old food and garbage piled up in the seams. Everything about this place screamed BACTERIA!!! It wasn’t good. D promised that he would eat fast and as soon as he did, I paid our $13.05 and we got the fuck outta there.

I am now lying in my bed and have washed my hands about 5 times since I got home. When he wakes up sober in the morning…I hope he will admit that it was in fact the nasty City Lights Diner that he had warned me about for the passed 6 years and not the “Brooklyn Diner.” I hope he doesn’t have some weird gastric disorder from eating those flimsy smelly eggs. Ick.

I just Googled the place, which is in fact CITY LIGHTS DINER and found these interesting, health code violations. They are only from January of this year!!!!! DUDE, I’m so glad I didn’t eat there. Frig.

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Out of the Mouths of Little Dudes

I was on the phone with my friend A last night. Her 3 (almost 4) year old son was talking about face painting in the background. I asked what the deal was because I had heard him talking about it earlier in the week. I wondered if he had done it at school or something. She quietly told me that his 8 year old sister had had her face painted on their recent trip to Disney World, but he had been sleeping.

She said, “So, he was kind of pissed about that.”

Suddenly, I heard a little voice in the background.

“No mommy, I very pissed.” Neither of us could hold back our laughter. He got a kick out of this and started pounding his feet through the house yelling, “I very SUPER pissed!!!”

He was told it was a bad word, but probably liked the attention he was getting, so A thought it best to ignore the behavior. I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever heard.

Dude, the first word out of my future kid’s mouth is probably going to be motherfucker. Sigh. The question is whether to condone or ignore that one…

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15 Seconds of Fame

Well, it was more like 3 seconds. Last night D, my fiance, was on The Celebrity Apprentice! He worked on the show a few months back and last night was his big debut. My friend and I sat on the phone waiting and waiting. Finally, towards the end of the show – there he was! For a hot second, on his knees fixing something! Although he was disappointed about is lack of airtime, I was still psyched to see his cute mug on NBC. 🙂

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